Not Another Anti-Pill Bill

24 06 2005

The New Republic reports on how the GOP in Wisconsin is fighting back against reprobate college students who dare to hate America’s freedom by exercising their own sexual freedom . . .

PILLS BURY: More on emergency contraception: Late Thursday the Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Assembly voted to ban distribution of Plan B (the morning after pill) from University of Wisconsin student health clinics.

This vote follows complaints by a conservative state legislator that by promoting the use of emergency contraception through advertisements, the campus clinics were encouraging promiscuity among college students. “I am outraged that our public institutions are giving young college women the tools for having promiscuous sexual relations, whether on campus or thousands of miles away on spring break,” State Representative Dan LeMahieu had said back in March.

According to the Associated Press, the final vote for the bill was 49 in favor and 41 opposed, with only four Republicans joining the 37 Democrats who voted against it. The state’s Democratic governor, Jim Doyle, has vowed to veto the bill.

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