The War On Parody

2 10 2005

After The Office (the UK version) picked up a surprise two Golden Globes, a January 2004 BBC article posed the question: “Do the Americans get irony?”

In Baylor, Tennessee, apparently they don’t . . .




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2 10 2005
Joe Powel

American Politics are Killing Progress
Major issues are being ignored, as a conflicted public bickers. Those of us who have not grown completely apathetic to our republic’s politics, spar about war in Iraq, our government’s response to natural …
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2 10 2005

PR folks are quickly figuring out blogs and podcasts
At that time, there was some sense that blogs were important. But no one had any idea who – if anyone in IT marketing land – was going to track blogs or to try and work within the blogosphere in any way to …
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