What’s happening to the Labor Party?

22 01 2006

Alan Carpenter will be WA’s new Premier, and it is to be hoped that his tenure will not be marked by the rank idiocy of his NSW counterpart Morris Iemma:

SCHOOLS across the state will be forced to play the Australian anthem before class under a radical NSW Government plan to create respect in the community.

Teachers at primary schools will be required to introduce “Australian values” studies from the beginning of this school year while the Three Rs will be expanded to five to include the topics of Respect and Responsibility.

The move marks the first stage of plans to foster respect of authority which will be rolled out over the next few months.

The changes cover all the major portfolios, including police, transport and housing.

It will include a law enforcement package with new laws to make it easier for police to crack down on anti-social behaviour including riots.

Fines and penalties for a range of offences such as damaging public property, including transport and housing, will also be reviewed.

Unveiling the details exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph, NSW Premier Morris Iemma said the recent Cronulla riots demonstrated the need to build respect for authority within the community. “I believe what happened at Cronulla, Maroubra and Brighton-Le-Sands had its roots in a fundamental lack of respect for authority developed at an early age,” he said.

This comes in the wake of Young Labor’s call for compulsory national service. And hopefully, when the next Federal election comes around, wiser heads prevail in Federal Labour. Because it will never be able to out-Coalition the Coalition, and it will never unseat any Coalition governments by trying.

(Hat-tip to commenter Steve Edwards at Larvatus Prodeo. As he points out: what, exactly, are “Australian values?” And who gets to decide? And what gives them the authority to decide?)




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