The Idiot’s Guide to Being a "Conservative Intellectual"

26 02 2006

Gerard “Luvvies” Henderson in The Age, June 28th 2005:

If the left is to successfully challenge the dominant non-left intellectual ascendancy it must first understand that conservatives are not necessarily evil or ignorant. To defeat a political opponent requires knowledge – not base prejudice.

Gerard “Luvvies” Henderson on Lateline, February 24th, 2006:

But I think it’s fair to say that a lot of opposition, too, has been quite psychotic. I mean, have a look at what goes on in much of the humanities departments. A lot of the opposition to John Howard, alleging that he runs a fascist state or a police state by well-educated people who should know better is simply psychotic and I think he basically listens to that.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Memo to ABC Radio National: if you must include the odd token rightie in your line-up in the interests of “balance,” could you at least get a commentator who actually has something interesting and topical to talk about, and who won’t simply engage in an oft-recycled rant about his (ill-defined) ideological enemies? Hendo’s little tete-a-tetes with Fran on Friday mornings are nothing short of a waste of valuable air time.




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