Newscorp’s latest acquisition UPDATE

29 04 2006

This is going to come as a rude shock, but did you know that the Bush administration is and has long been in the thrall of the religious right?

Okay, so you knew that already. I bet you didn’t know that Tony Snow, the new White House press spokesman, is a shill for the ID movement.

Read all about it at:

The Panda’s Thumb
Media Matters
The Beast

Oh, and as Pharyngula reports, Snow doesn’t think racism is all that big a problem in the US anymore. Good grief!

With Ann Coulter calling evolution a “liberal creation myth” in her new book (ID’s high priest William Dembski collaborated with her on “her chapters on Darwinism”), it certainly seems as if the Right has jumped the shark.

P.S. A Kansas science teacher’s decision to keep an image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster glued to his door has hurt the feelings of a wingnut Board of Education member.




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