Talk amongst yourselves

15 05 2006

I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me which will put something of a dent in my posting regularity. Amuse yourselves with the following:

Greek Piss Christ: a Greek art curator was found not guilty of “offending the Orthodox Church and public decency” by including an Athens art exhibition a painting depiciting an erect penis ejaculating over a crucifix. How very death-metal! (Via

Neo-conservatism and neo-creationism: Ed Brayton explores the complicated romance between US neo-cons and intelligent design in a thoughtful post.

Right wing PC: Brayton again, this time on that curious irony of the culture wars whereby the right, through its “use of group identity and victimization as a ‘get out of trouble free’ card and the use of contrived outrage that is the hallmark of PC thinking,” has become precisely what it purports to decry. (See also my previous post re: “Academic Bill of Rights”)

Happy Mother’s Day!: Pinko Feminist Hellcat reminds us of the origins of Mother’s Day–and they may surprise you.




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