The thinking person’s Big Brother blog

2 06 2006

Eye on Big Brother‘s take on Jade:

I feel sorry for Jade. Later, the boys are caught getting their doonas back (breaking the rules by going into the girls’ quarters), and are made to stand on the deck outside while Jamie tells them a (not very funny) joke 100 times. This amuses the house immensely, but we see Jade cleaning the kitchen, whisper to herself (or really to us); “I don’t get it. I can be fun. I’m fun. But that’s just not my kind of fun.”

She is displaced in a group of young adults with the minds of 14 year olds, and I can’t help but empathise. She’ll be gone this weekend, I imagine, and she will be left wounded by her inability to integrate into a group who she is no doubt much smarter than. But this is BB, and we are in the realms of the kind of mainstream who find Rove eating ice-cream and tomato sauce amusing. Smart people beware.

Indeed. Now I’m off to get my weekly dose of Fryzie’s ocker drawl on “Froordee Nooort Loorve.”




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