What is the deal with the Christian culture industry?

2 06 2006

First, there was Christian rock. Then Christian rap. Christian death metal. Christian Monopoly. Christian chocolate bars. Christian fashion. Christian designer fashion. Christian maths. Christian porn (still probably not safe enough to open at work, fellas!). Christian Jews. Christian Muslims. And now . . .

(Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars, where you learn in the comments of the existence of a game that is in even poorer taste: Super Columbine Massacre.)




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30 09 2009

Whoa? You must really have something against Church, Christianity, or just Jesus… I’d say as New Age, Wicca, and Satanism are skyrocketing and appearing everywhere Movies, Books, Apparel, Key chains, T-Shirts, and even Video Games… Why not Christianity?

Truth is our culture today is open to just about anything, as long as it brings in the cash flow. The Media means in america, will share just about anything, go read a book, or try and watch a movie.

One of the latest screams has been “Twilight”, were apparently vampires are no longer blood sucking killers as say a previous “Dracula”. No, but this vampire is a good guy, and he’s even fallen in love.

How about you actually, take a look at whats on T.V, in Theaters, or even Latest books. There must be a big problem with America, or better yet the World, if all we can think of for a good movie begins with the word “GORE” or maybe “VAMPIRE WHO LOVES”.

Point is, I’d say “The Christian Culture Industry” is doing exactly what it has been sent to do “Go Ye Into The World And Preach The Gospel”, although I highly disagree with your “Christian Porn” addition.

I hope this breaks the ice for more comments flowing to your post…
Be Blessed… 😉

30 09 2009

My concern is that Christian culture industry is simply trailing the pack rather then creating GOOD culture that culture wants to cleave too.

27 10 2009

One quick note on the above. While it is possible for one to be a “Christian Jew” (being a Jew does not necessarily mean that one is a follower of Judaism) it is not possible to be a “Christian Muslim” since being a Muslim means that you are an adherent of the religion of Islam.

28 10 2009

Man, those JibJab guys crack me up.

1 11 2009
Bridget Gee

I am a Christian and I agree with you. Christians should create good culture, not just culture for the sake of it existing. But I love Christian music because it glorifies God. There’s nothing better to sing about.

11 11 2009

Because it makes money. I’ve seen things where just because the word Christian is attached to it automatically makes it better.

Harry Potter is evil because he uses magic but Aslan from Narnia is not evil? Aslan uses magic too.

21 12 2009
Bryan Swartz

I think it’s a very bad trend also, and agree that marketing is a big part of the reason. What makes an activity Christian(assuming it isn’t sinful in and of itself), is who it’s done for. The motivation. Whether you eat or drink, do everything to the glory of God(I Corinthians 10:31). As is so often sadly the case, the name of Christ is attached to things which do not honor Him.

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