Why Morons and Computers Don’t Mix

3 07 2006

As a kind of tribute to the sadly departed David Heidelberg, who never tired of bringing the follies and foibles of wingnuts to the attention of his readers, here are some choice quotes from Fundies Say the Darndest Things (founded by WinAce, who sadly passed away from cystic fibrosis last November):

“If evolutuion is true- and the earth has been around for billions of years and humans have evolved from very primitve beings, why are there still babies born with abnormailities. Beings evolve to adapt and become more advanced than their ancestors. So, evoluiotn has had billions of years to get this right- yet still there are deformalities, people with genetic diseases. Just wondering how people would respond to what I feel is a strike towards evolution. (BTW- I am a teacher – I have had to teach evolution as a theory- which is in fact what is it). Also, if we evolved from ape like beings- why are they still here?”

* * * * *

“He died as a man accursed, crucified, abandoned by his friends. But he rose from the dead. That’s all the proof I need that ToE is flawed.”

* * * * *

“[“There are as well many homosexuals killed (in the holocaust) but i do not know the exact number”]

The number isn’t as high as the number of people killed from aids. If Hitler had succeeded it would have prevented aids! Because of homosexual activity many innocent straight people have died. Strength lies not in defence but in attack.”

* * * * *

“As far as gay couples or singles adopting; What are we thinking? Being gay is being sexually deviant to begin with. Why do we think that they are not going to molest their adopted children? I think though,that molestation would be more of a problem with the men. I think that women gay or otherwise, have an innate sense of just wanting to rear children.

When my oldest son was just 3 years old, my gay brother asked if he could take a walk with him. Now as far as I know my brother has never molested any children. At first I didn’t find the request strange and let my son go with him. After all they were just taking a walk around the neighborhood. While they were gone though, I got this terrible feeling. It may have been the Holy Spirit giving me warning or just maybe my over sense of protectiveness. But I decided that if they were not back in a few minutes I was going after them. They did come back in just a few minutes, but I never got over that feeling. I determined right then and there that I would never let my young son alone with him. Now, if I could feel that way about my own brother, who I love, then something is just not right. I just don’t trust gay men to not try and molest little children.”

* * * * *

“I completely agree with both removing women’s suffrage and coupling voting rights with property ownership. I am always hesitant to admit my views on the suffrage movement, but I strongly feel that our nation made a grievous error when we allowed women many of the same “rights” as men. First off, I think that voting should be a family affair with the wife putting in her input, but the man ultimately deciding on which candidate he votes for. I think women are too emotional and often vote for the “bleeding heart liberal” cause because it feels right to them. When I tell folks my view on this they always ask if I vote. Yes, I do because my husband wants me to.”

* * * * *

“The Bible does in fact have actual, physical evidence for all you post modernists out there.
I could actually name them off:
scientists were baffled due to the FACT that there is a day missing in time- how do they calculate this you say? Well when a satellite, or something orbits the earth- they have precise time on the object. If you know, the Bible mentions God taking a day out of time. They found the ark. hm…yes, very much so physical evidence;in each country they have documents of a “giant flood”. Its all there, look it up, and look it up the in Bible.
And Im not saying everyone hasnt looked through the Bible for certain cases, but to back up yalls theory on post modernism, you should read the Bible.
Allan Sandage(was an amazing astronomer), before his death, became a Christian from his research. Many scientists have.
The Bible wasnt something to just have written in a few years like most religions or beliefs.
Others like Sir Issac Newton believed that what they strongly studied had to do with a much greater being, that being God. Theyd acknowledge that Christianity is indeed extremely compatible with science.
Beliefs they had may not be your own, and nor would you even consider actually studying through it, whether you be scared of finding something out, or just getting peeved off, but I highly reccomend researching like many others. Whether you have already, and still do not believe truth; it is the truth.
Everything that is sought out in science is fragile;
And Martin Luther King wrote-“Science investigates, religion interprets.Science gives man knowledge which is power, religion gives man wisdom which is control.””

No, these people aren’t dumb. Just “despiritualised.”




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