This is your brain on dispensationalism special: "Pete the anti-abortionist: Still Stupid"

19 10 2006

I was thinking about an “Idiot of the Week” post I’d written a few months ago, about an anti-abortion crusading blogger named Pete who made an absolute gumnut of himself by berating the author of an article in The Onion for celebrating her abortion–completely oblivious to the fact that the article was satirical and the author was fictional. I thought I’d see how Pete was getting on these days:

In July I was attacked, & still am, by the liberal pro-abortion establishment for my so-called “stupidity” by writing an article about an article posted in the Onion, an online satire magazine. Not only do the liberals sign me up for every online sales racket that there is, they also order products in my name & companies are stupid enought to ship them without verification.


Regarding the initial post (NSFW) that, if only for a short while, turned Pete into the most famous blogger in the blogosphere, he was wise enough to disable comments* after a few days. Now he’s playing the lowest card in the anti-abortionist’s deck–the appeal to disgust–by posting a picture of an aborted fetus and crowing: “This is what you all are laughing at. This is what you are responsible for” (underneath which he links to his home page).

He’s so “concerned” for the fetus that he turns it into pornography. The fundamentalist brain strikes again!

*UPDATE: Unfortunately for “Onion Pete,” the comments still exist! More comments here.




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