The Bill Muehlenberg Trophy: John Kasich

30 01 2007

Via Pharyngula

UPDATE: On the subject of deluded individuals and indoctrinated children, you really must take yourself over to Brian’s Blog at Unbelief. There he relates the adventures of one Helen Deveraj, concerned Christian mother and member of Salt Shakers, the day she ventured down to her local Target for an innocent spot of clothes-shopping for her son–only to discover to her horror how much Satanic imagery exists in boyswear.

The Piping Hot top has dragons on it. I probably would have avoided this purchase if I’d been more familiar with what the Bible says about the dragon. For example, ‘The great dragon was hurled down – that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray’ (Revelation 12:9)

Next came some footwear:

… [M]y son’s green Dunlop Volleys have skulls on the innersole (or soul?) [Helen, this is a particularly bad pun, even for a Salt Shaker!] I wouldn’t have purchased these if I was more familiar with biblical references to the skull. It’s mentioned in the gospels … as ‘Golgotha, the place of the skull’, where Jesus was crucified. [. . .] Maybe it’s better not to wear something associated with death, when Jesus came to give life. (“Spiritual Darkness and the Satanic Salute,” 2/1/07)

These are not excerpts from an Onion or Chaser article, friends. These come from the December 2006 issue of the Salt Shakers Journal. My heart goes out to the kid. No doubt many of us were subject to the unusual fashion sense of our parents (I was made to wear pink slacks as an 11-year old). He’s probably thinking to himself that it’s bad enough having to shop for clothes at Target . . . he’s also being dressed by someone whose mental competence is as questionable as her grip on reality.

He definitely needs to take the Blasphemy Challenge.




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