Baby Jesus told me to beat up your son

1 05 2007

An atheist high school student, Reed Braden, lent his atheist friend his copy of The God Delusion. The friend’s father found the book, phoned Braden and informed him that he would personally be returning the book that evening (having placed the call at 11pm).

He read me my address (I assume he got it from the phonebook) and told me, “You made this too easy.” I obsessively checked every lock in my house and went to sleep with a metal baseball bat held across my chest.

He sounded a bit drunk on the phone and I assumed he wouldn’t drive across town to deliver my book in his state, so I called the school and left a message, asking to deny him a visitor’s pass to the student areas of the building. He indeed came to school, and I assume he tried to visit me but was intercepted by the principal first. Whatever occurred, he ended up talking to my principal and demanded that I be punished for “handing out literature” and attempting to convert his already-Atheist son to Atheism.

Sidenote: The Gideons stopped cars in our parking lot a week ago to deliver Bibles to every person leaving the school… without school intervention.

Full details and follow-up at Braden’s blog. Incredibly, the school is actually making up its mind about whether to punish him for his “sin.”




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