Sammy Jankis fisks Muehlenberg on Jerry Falwell

17 05 2007
Falwell: a born again Christian and a failure as a human being

Sammy Jankis, who has one of the best excuses for not posting more regularly–he’s out seeing the world, brilliantly fisks Bill Muehlenberg’s drooling obit to the televangelist who put the “nut” in “wingnut,” Jerry Falwell. Muehlenberg whines that Falwell was “simply someone trying to stand up for biblical values in an increasingly hostile culture,” and that he’s being unfairly caricatured as a “thundering theocrat” by TEH SECULAR LEFT; Sammy is able to deftly juxtapose these complaints with multiple instances of a Fundy Saying The Darndest Things. And Sammy has barely scratched the surface, as The Republic of T‘s post on Falwell demonstrates.

(Muehlenberg wrote the piece after being interviewed about Falwell on “a secular radio station.” They have secular radio stations in Australia? OH NOES!!!!!)

UPDATE: Do yourself a favour and watch Christopher Hitchens’ Falwell eulogy at Pharyngula.




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