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21 06 2007

This is the kind of TV show that would encourage me to watch Channel 31. The Atheist Experience is a public access cable TV show operated by the Atheist Community of Austin, and hosted by an ex-fundie. (I mention that last part because some theists like to parade their ex-atheism as if it lends extra credibility to their arguments–cough Alister McGrath cough Kirk Cameron cough–and I wanted to show that the traffic isn’t all one way.) Given public-access restrictions, the somewhat-lefty presenters keep away from partisan politics and keep the programme focused on atheism, science (including pseudoscience) and counter-apologetics. Well worth the listen. (It’s available in GoogleVideo and MP3 formats.)

(BTW: Unfortunately it’s not available on Channel 31, where we have to put up with crap like Margaret Court: a Life of Victory.

Also: Ninglun, if he’s watching, will be interested in tonight’s Late Night Live, featuring two biographers of Kevin Rudd.

Meanwhile, for your entertainment, “Hand of the Almighty!”




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