Animal Meme

16 10 2007

I’ve seen this one floating around for the past few days, and now Bruce has tagged me with it . . .

An interesting animal I had

Back when I was in primary school, my sister and I found a bullant, kept it in a jar and fed it sugar.

Well, it died.

An interesting animal I ate

Since coming to Japan I’ve eaten eel and octopus–I know that sounds pretty mundane but they’re not easy foods to come by in Australia. I’ve also eaten chicken hearts and meat from the head of a bluefin tuna–though that isn’t nearly as hardcore as the Japanese teacher who sat nearby me and ate the eye.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal

Can’t think of anything for this one. As kids we would sometimes race snails–but we’ve all done that.

An interesting animal at the museum

I’ve seen blue whale skeletons twice–once at the Western Australian Museum, and once in a museum in Eden, NSW.

An interesting animal in its natural habitat

I was twelve years old and riding bikes with my cousin when I came across a paralysed huntsman spider being dragged along by a spider wasp. Said wasp was none too pleased with me when I pushed my front wheel onto her prey; we shat ourselves and hightailed it out of there.

Oh, yeah: I tag Clay, Hourann, and Lucy.




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