The Hobbit: Peter Jackson’s back on board

20 12 2007

This is fantastic news. I’ve been a Tolkien junkie since I was 15 years old, and couldn’t wait for the New Line adaptation of Lord of the Rings, having been sorely disappointed by Ralph Bakshi’s version. I loved Fellowship, found it difficult to get past some of the plot changes in The Two Towers, and was a little let down by Return of the King, though it’s growing on me.

I’ll have to revisit my copy of The Hobbit again, and it will be interesting to speculate about how well it will translate to film in the hands of Jackson and co. I guess they’ll be looking for a new Bilbo, given that Ian Holm will be pushing 80 (doubtless appearing much as he does at the end of Return of the King) by the time The Hobbit is released.

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20 12 2007

I know what you mean, I just got the news today! I was so excited but I heard it was coming out in 2010 since he’s working on other movies too, so that just made it depressing. To wait 2 more years for a great movie! Oh, well, it’ll be worth it. Thanks for the update, though.

Also, I didn’t know Ian was pushing 80 now, I really didn’t. Well, I guess they will be then. I hope it’ll be the same, though! 🙂

20 12 2007

Stone the heretic! Those movies are absolutely perfect having come from the great directors guiding hands…ehem

Great news. The hobbit is totally different in tone though so I don’t know how Jackson will approach it.

20 12 2007

I really hope that they pick the right actor to play Bilbo Baggins. In my humble opinion, there is only one actor to play that role…and his name is Toby Jones. I recently had the privilege of working with him on the film, ‘The Mist’, and he truly is an amazing actor. His other credits include ‘Infamous’ in which he played Truman Capote, as well as, ‘The Painted Veil’.

21 12 2007

Good news!

But go a bit light on Bakshi, AV. He was stunted by his financiers and so forth. He worked on the animation flat out, while having his deadlines shortened (he never fell behind the original deadlines) and otherwise having his back stabbed and promised support rolled back.

Then at the final insult, he said that the movie had to be called “The Lord of The Rings Pt 1” (which was the original intent – and that if the first movie was a winner, 2&3 would be made later) because people would find just “Lord of the Rings” misleading when it didn’t get to the Two Towers. The studio spiked 2&3 and just called Pt 1 “The Lord of the Rings”.


The hobbit is totally different in tone though so I don’t know how Jackson will approach it.

I wonder what narration, if any, will be like.

21 12 2007

But go a bit light on Bakshi, AV.

I know about the problems Bakshi experienced, and I’m not blaming him. But it was disappointing, nonetheless, to go to a film titled Lord of the Rings that only gets as far as half-way into The Two Towers.

In any case, the New Line films more than made up for the let-down of the earlier version.

23 12 2007

I have always thought that the Hobbit was a superior text to the Trilogy. Because it is short and to the point and develops plot and character efficiently, I suppose. Whereas the The Lord of the Rings,gets away from him. This is evidenced in the films particularly if you see them one after the other, as I did one Boxing Day some years ago…went in at 9 and came out at 9! It seemed that really the whole thing just develops into a series of battles (which of course it does).
But the Hobbit was read to us in primary school (in the days when we still spoke Middle English) and I can remember once being very distressed because I was sick and going to miss the first encounter with dragon.
So, in the whole…short and to the point should suit the film genre, as long as its subtlety is not lost.

24 12 2007

It’s always dangerous to judge a book by its film adaptation. For me, The Lord of the Rings was an absolute page-turner, despite its length.

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