Is this how democracy dies?

20 01 2008

TruthNews has sobering footage of a 2002 protest against President Bush in Portland, Oregon. The footage depicts police using various forms of violent action against the protesters, including the indiscriminate use of night sticks, pepper spray and pepper bullets, all on the pretext that someone in the crowd allegedly threw a bottle. Among the injured were infants and their mothers, but what is more worrying is that according to the footage–actually police footage of the event–the attack on protesters by Portland police was a premeditated endeavour to force the protesters away from the hotel where Bush was speaking at a Republican Party fundraiser. It turns out the crowd was protesting against Bush’s new forest fire management policy, though many were there to protest against the impending war with Iraq.

The full video can be seen at MySpaceTV, which does not provide the embedding code to non-members. Below is an extract available on YouTube:

The question is, will the next administration render this kind of brutality an anomaly, or the norm?

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