Why do you blog?

11 02 2008

It has been a good while since anybody has tagged me, but Bruce, who I was under the impression doesn’t usually do memes, has come up with a good one: “Gimme three good reasons why you blog.” Well, here are my reasons, such as they are:

  1. Blogging gives me a good opportunity to bloviate in public. I used to be a frequent contributor to the letters to the editor sections of the local daily and community newspapers, generally on political issues. That petered out when I became fed up with the blatant rightwing advocacy journalism and sensationalism of what has to rank among the worst newspapers in the country, and refused to contribute another cent to its profit margin. But I also felt constrained by the medium itself: letters to the editor pages encourage concision and pithiness, but they don’t tend to promote substantive or comprehensive responses to issues.
  2. Blogging gives me much greater editorial control over my bloviations. For a while I used to frequent the politics & religion sections of a couple of Tolkien discussion boards, mainly The Tolkien Forum. The Politics & Religion section of that site was very well frequented, but the webmasters felt that the discussions were fostering too much acrimony among a membership that included Christian fundamentalists and godless liberals like me, so they shut it down (and opened up another discussion board devoted entirely to these not-at-the-dinner-table topics). I had already launched Five Public Opinions on Blogspot by that time, having been introduced to blogging by Sammy Jankis (of Smogblot and Memeplex fame, who also was a regular contributor to TTF). The advantage of posting on (someone else’s) discussion board is that you have a semi-captive audience; the advantage of posting on your own blog is that the only person moderating your content is you.
  3. Blogging on the kinds of topics broached here may provide an excellent opportunity for the blog owner and commenters alike to hone their critical thinking and argumentative skills, and from my perspective, that has been the most rewarding element of operating a blog. (And contributing to discussion on other blogs.)

OK, now to the formalities:

Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging.

Rule 2)  List the rules.

Rule 3) Tag three others with the meme.

In accordance with rule three, I tag OzAtheist, Reed Braden, and The Lazy Aussie.




5 responses

11 02 2008
The Worst of Perth

I don’t exactly know what tagged means, and I don’t necessarily want to send it to others but my reasons are generally yours. I used to try and get the most crackpot letters possible into the paper, but soon, the crackpot was the mainstream in The West Australian, and it wasn’t funny anymore. One other reason is that I’m a photographer and a comedian, and blogs allow a perfect blend of these skills.

11 02 2008

I usually don’t do tagging memes. Most of my blogs aren’t memetic! 😉

11 02 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

I got into it for the free beer and chicks, and by the time those didn’t eventuate I was hooked.

4 03 2008
Oz Atheist's Weblog


I knew this was coming when I read Thinkers’ Podium blog recently. When you frequent each other’s blogs and see one of them start a meme, you just know eventually you’ll get tagged. So, not surprisingly, I’ve been tagged by AV a…

11 06 2011

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