The ABC Religion department goes off its meds

19 02 2008

From The Spirit of Things, 27/1/08:

Caroline Myss: By the time Teresa [of Avila] was in her 50s in the convent, not only did her sisters, the nuns that she lived with, realise that they were living with a saint. But the whole of Spain knew that, as well as Rome, the Vatican. Her experiences, her mystical experiences, had become famous, even though she was a cloistered nun. [. . .] But let me just give you an example: she would sometimes levitate.

Rachael Kohn: Levitate?

Caroline Myss: Yes.

Rachael Kohn: Other people witnessed this?

Caroline Myss: Oh yes. Now mind you, don’t picture her around the ceiling Rachael. She would go into states of ecstasy where she would hover over the ground by 2 inches, or something like that. Now that’s not unusual. I mean in the sense that Eastern mystics have been seen to do that.

Rachael Kohn: I’ve read that her face was illuminated.

Caroline Myss: Her face would be illuminated. [. . . emphasis added]

Oh, for fuck’s sake!




7 responses

22 02 2008

Do those cloistered nuns eat dar beans?
That would explain everthink, Rachael of the religious Kohn job.

22 02 2008

Why don’t you get in the spirit of things, joe? Those nuns said she levitated; ergo, she levitated. They done seen it with their own eye!

22 02 2008

Still , AV, you would have to give the micks the nod for cleverness and spooky forsight. The recently levitated Maharishi Mahesh Yogi made levitation famous and completely believable, as you well know. Grab that thang and bounce while there is a niche market gap, Caroline Myss, i say!

Incidentally, i once sent an email to Rachael and she is not quite as angelic as her voice implys, if her reply is to be relied on.

22 02 2008

angelic as her voice implys

Re: Rachael’s voice. Angelic: no. Hyperglycaemic: yes.

It doesn’t surprise me that Kohn might have been less than cordial in her reply email. Rachael’s a religious moderate, but she seems to have a real hard-on for atheist-bashing.

22 02 2008

Stephen Crittenden is not much better, but at least his show tends to deal with meatier subjects than flying nuns.

23 02 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

I had this misfortune to inflict this interview on my brain. Her voice has a detached sociopathic quality.

24 02 2008

A religious valium type tone i would say S the B.

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