Quote of the week: Alan Sokal

29 02 2008

The bottom line is that all of us – conservative and liberal, believer and atheist – live in the same real world, whether we like it or not. Public policy must be based on the best available evidence about that world. In a free society each person has the right to believe whatever nonsense he wishes, but the rest of us should pay attention only to those opinions that are based on evidence. (“Taking Evidence Seriously,” Comment is Free)

But you knew that already.




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3 03 2008

This statement is in the category of self-evident truths. The problem is with those who are so wedded too an ideology, religious or otherwise. Their ideology so dominates their minds in its glistening splendour that reality fades into the distance. Worse still, the leap of faith they have taken is so tinglingly thrilling that reason fades into the distance. With such people only the conversation of the deaf is possible.

3 03 2008

It actually doesn’t sound too far removed from the Obama quote (made in an address to an audience to evangelicals, no less, according to Ninglun) that I posted a few weeks ago.

3 03 2008

That Obama quote seemed the work of a much needed voice of reason in US Politics.

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