Do we really want to hitch our wagon to these maniacs?

4 03 2008

Don Baker on “The Atheist Experience” provides a shocking account of the endeavours by Christian fundamentalists to dominate the US military–often aided and abetted by the Pentagon and the Bush administration, and resulting in the persecution of not only non-theist personnel, but non-Christians as well, including Jews, and even non-fundamentalist Christians. Baker identifies two breeds of fundamentalist at work here–dominionists (who subscribe to the notion that Christians are obliged to co-opt secular institutions and dominate civil society) and dispensationalists (who follow an end-times theology that associates conflict in the Middle East–including a possible invasion of Iran–with the coming Armageddon . . . and welcomes it). “The Atheist Experience” can be seen below:

See also this AFP report on the work of Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who are campaigning against the clearly unconstitutional Christianisation of the US military. I don’t know about you, but the thought of a fundagelical takeover of the most powerful military on the planet makes me a tad uncomfortable. It should at least register as a significant foreign policy concern for the Rudd Government.



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