No rest for the heathen . . .

7 03 2008

Apologies for the sparse blogging lately. I’ve been waist-deep in marking while trying to get through a Japanese language textbook as quickly as possible. I thought I’d take this brief opportunity to point you in the direction of a couple of good I-Pod fillers I’ve stumbled across recently.

The first is called, appropriately enough, “Another Goddamned Podcast.Hemant Mehta posted on it here. Though nothing has yet topped the output of the Atheist Community of Austin (responsible for the “Atheist Experience” and the “Non-Prophets”), I’ve been really impressed with the standard of discussion on this one, which is a collaborative effort involving several bloggers.

The second comprises the series of public lectures podcasted by the London School of Economics–a fantastic collection comprising expert opinion from across the political spectrum. Especially worth a listen is a presentation by the author of the Stern report, one year on, where he disquietingly suggests that his team may have underestimated the dangers posed by global warming.

If you know of any academic podcast services like this one, please let me know.




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8 03 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

I have listened to Reed Braedens podcast – Two smoking hot Freethinkers. I’d classify it as light Atheist entertainment. The show is still working out its format and the quality varies but worth a listen

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