Can you hear it pumping on your I-Pod?

14 03 2008

Sammy Jankis has tagged me with the following meme: “What are your favourite 3 podcasts? Why?

For mine (and for Sammy, incidentally), the cream of the crop has to be The Atheist Experience. This is actually a public access TV show filmed in Austin, Texas, on behalf of the Atheist Community of Austin, but it is also available in audio format. Several of the hosts are ex-fundamentalist Christians, including the host Matt Dillahunty whose no-nonsense approach–particularly when dealing with fundies who call in with (as Sammy puts it) “phone in one hand Bible in the other to tell some atheists what atheists think”–is an absolute pleasure to watch (or listen to, as the case may be). The Atheist Experience experienced a recent upsurge in intertube notoriety when a portion of a February show, in which a caller threatens to come down to the studio and punch Dillahunty’s “fat face”, was YouTubed. RUNNER UP: Atheist Talk.

My second pick is another product of the ACA: The Non-Prophets. This one is also hosted by Dillahunty, and is co-hosted by Denis Loubet (whose trademark is to phrase the introduction of each show in the form of a logical fallacy) and Russell Glasser (who often appears on The Atheist Experience as well). The website could do with an upgrade, but these guys have mastered the art of eviscerating apologetics and other religion-inspired chicanery with equal parts wit and outrage. Accept no substitutes, folks: what Lord of the Rings is to the fantasy genre, The Non-Prophets is to atheist podcasting. RUNNER UP: Another Goddamned Podcast.

My third pick would have to The Philosopher’s Zone, as heard on ABC Radio National, hosted by British ex-pat Alan Saunders, who earned his doctorate in the History of Ideas at ANU. The Philosopher’s Zone covers a wide range of topics and philosophical traditions, continental and analytic, Eastern and Western. RUNNER UP: Philosophy Bites.

I, in turn, tag Bruce and Ninglun.




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15 03 2008

Sorry, Arthur: no iPod. As for podcasts, mainly from the ABC and usually to catch something I have missed.

15 03 2008
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15 03 2008
15 03 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

Very interesting same as me, except switched around. I rate the Non Prophets as my fave and the Atheist experience as second. I think the Non Prophets were best when they had three hosts, five is too much and I have trouble sometimes telling Russell and Schilling apart.

I had a letter read out loud on the Non-Prophets so I guess that may have influenced my choices 🙂

26 03 2008
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6 05 2008
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24 05 2008
Ordinary Girl

Thanks for listening to us and for giving us the thumbs up.

25 05 2008

Happy to, OG. Another Goddamned Podcast gets better with each show!

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