The hiatus meme (not really a meme)

16 03 2008

It seems to be going around, doesn’t it? OzAtheist, then Bruce, and now me. My excuse is that I have three weeks off, I live in Japan, my parents and my girlfriend’s parents are visiting, and I’m buggered if I’m going to spend all that time on here.

So I’ll leave you with a few choice morsels from the intertubes.

The first is a YouTube created by Kansas State University’s Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students in the Spring 2007 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course, on the realities of student life in the early 21st century.

There is something that rankles with me about this presentation. Yes, it does make valid points about the obvious disconnect between a 19th-century education system and the 21st-century lived realities of university students. Many of them are working part-time, which cuts into their study time. Most of them will leave university in massive debt. Relevance to the lived experience of students is an important factor in curriculum design, as is the need to incorporate new media and new technologies.

But if students are spending two hours a day on their mobile phones, and an equivalent amount of time on Facebook, this is not the fault of the education system, nor should it be obliged to pander to these activities. If you as a student don’t have the common courtesy to participate in class, and would prefer to spend class time texting, or building your Werewolf Army, “We didn’t create these problems” is not a valid excuse. Sorry. That’s just immaturity on your part. It might have been excusable in high school, but you need to grow up now. Institutes of higher learning should not be expected to pander to this immaturity, otherwise they would be doing a disservice to their students as well as to their own standards.

More intertubia . . .

  1. The Impossible Triangle is not as impossible as you might think. The team at Escher for Real claim that “many of the so-called ‘impossible’ drawings of M. C. Escher can be realized as actual physical objects.”
  2. Sick and tired of English syllabi that come straight from Stalin and Chairman Mao? Get your Matthew Arnold on at Planet eBook.
  3. Another great aerial map service.
  4. Darth Vader versus the Japanese constabulary.
  5. “FEZ” has it all: 2D gameplay, 3D gameplay, cuteness and Engrish!
  6. Jack Chick meets 50 Cent. Memo to the apologists behind this very slick piece of fire-and-brimstone bible-bashing: the Argument from Consequences is not made any more convincing with a cool hip-hop soundtrack.
  7. Christvertising. What more needs to be said? (via Pharyngula)
  8. Convert HTM to PDF.
  9. Airline safety diagrams parody.
  10. Best freeware games for Windows (including GTA)
  11. 18 Undiscovered Websites Every Gamer Should Know.
  12. Flash version of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”
  13. The Sun: extreme close up



2 responses

20 03 2008

I’m probably a bit late, but have a good holiday anyway.

you’ve given us plenty to keep ourselves amused whilst you’re away. Ta

8 04 2008

God Particle.

Maybe god is having an each way bet.

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