Bruce nails it

12 04 2008

From The Thinker’s Podium:

[. . .] With the exception of the intellectually handicapped or the otherwise easily gulled, in the face of such obvious evidence of deceit, it requires motivated credulity to throw in with the likes of the creationist propagandist and the anti-abortion dissembler.

People who engage in motivated credulity in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary can be summed up more simply of course, in a single word; liar. To be a creationist propagandist or an anti-abortion dissembler, one either has to be profoundly intellectually handicapped, or, and more often, one simply and knowingly, one has to be a liar.

You can split them either way with Hanlon’s Razor, the former functioning as a victim of the latter, the entire fundie knowledge system acting as a delivery mechanism for a damaging and deceptive memeplex.

The former are worthy of your sympathy, the latter your scorn and an absence of respect.




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