Does understand the meaning of “irony?”

21 04 2008

If so, why did it take seriously the claim that the (former) title of this post was defamatory?

Of course I wasn’t claiming that Council Nedd molests children, beats his wife or manages to perform both activities simultaneously. I was simply trying to make a point about the slanderous and presumptious nature of the question his organization sees fit to plaster on billboards across the US: “Why Do Atheists Hate America?” And I simply can’t believe that I have to spell this out.

Replace the word “Atheists” with “Gays” or “Blacks” or “Jews,” and anyone with the barest semblance of intelligence ought to be able to identify the problems with Nedd’s billboard, <i>the least of which</i> being that it falls into the “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” category of loaded questions.

Is this a Hanlon’s Razor issue? It takes a particularly potent brand of stupid not to be able to distinguish between a personal attack on Nedd and an ironic attack on the content of his anti-atheist billboard. On the other hand, perhaps the gang at In God We Trust is sufficiently thin-skinned to do what they can in order to stifle any criticism of the organisation’s activities, even as they feel justified in shouting their bigotry from the rooftops.

In any case, I altered the title of the post in accordance with the wishes of WordPress, even though the suggestion that the original title was defamatory (given the content of the post) is just ludicrous. Hopefully that will be that.

[OT: I’ve added a link to Expelled Exposed in the sidebar.]



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21 04 2008

I just wanted to say that I love your blogs picture.

21 04 2008
Kieran Bennett

Of course not. What they do understand are the cost they could occur when religious idiots start filing nuisance law suites. Doesn’t matter how baseless claims against something they host are, it costs money if someone sends a threatening letter and they have to get a lawyer to write a response.

So much cheaper just to engage in censorship.

21 04 2008

I suppose you’re right.

21 04 2008

I wonder how long it is before my (long) post cops it in the neck. I should make a backup.

21 04 2008

Probably a good idea, Bruce, though didn’t erase my post, they just slapped a warning on it and labelled it “private.” (Meaning only I could read it.)

21 04 2008

(OT: Bruce, we science illiterates could use the benefit of your expertise at Matt’s.)

22 04 2008

OK, I’ve missed something here. Did you get a persona; ‘cease and desist’ notice from wordpress? I’ve never heard of that before?

please explain

22 04 2008

Follow this link.

23 05 2011
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