But I thought private schools were repositories of good values . . .

22 04 2008

After all, as John Howard told the American Enterprise Institute in March of this year, that’s why parents send their kids to non-government schools in Australia: they’re searching “for a more values-based education experience for their children.” At St. Patrick’s College in Mackay, some of those little angels have taken that “values-based” experience and produced the following:

A north Queensland Catholic school is offering counselling sessions for students after it was revealed an exclusive girls club is operating on the school campus.

Catholic Education has confirmed the group at Saint Patrick’s College in Mackay rank themselves according to looks, weight and popularity with boys.

The group is known as Club 21 and members write their ranking, from one to 21, on their wrists. [ABC News Online]

Throw in Internet Squadristi hi-jinks (“Ugly girls need not apply“), and claims by ex-members that “sleeping around, binge drinking and drug taking were all activities encouraged by the king pins of the group,” and what else could be it but a vindication of the former Federal Government’s schools funding policy?* Your tax dollars, hard at work.

*In more ways than you might think. There are a few tongue-in-cheek comments on the ABC site to the effect that the club members are just being good aspirational Australians, and there may be a small ring of truth to that. After all, is Club 21 really any bitchier than the Liberal Party’s Opus Dei wing (or its youth wing)?




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