Can you hear it pumping on your I-Pod? II

6 05 2008

Since I last blogged about the podcasts I regularly listen to, several more have been added to the rotation, and one has returned to the fold . . .

Dogma Free America

This was a favourite of mine, and I was disappointed when its fiftieth and final episode aired last November. Here’s what I had to say about it then:

DFA’s shows weren’t theme-based or guest-based like Freethought Radio and The Non-Prophets, and mainly consisted on commentary on the latest news concerning magical thinking and theocracy. DFA also canvassed more international (read: non-US) news than other podcasts, and often ran stories on religious violence in sub-Saharan Africa (usually perpetrated against individuals suspected of “witchcraft”), as well as atrocities perpetrated by theocracies in the Islamic world. Hence, Christian listeners might (I imagine) have found it more even-handed than other non-theist podcasts.

The good news is . . . it’s back! Rich Orman and friends have returned with their usual light-hearted take on the week in witchcraft and fundamentalism, and with the introduction of a new segment modelled on the “Science or fiction?” segment from The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe.

The only Australian entry on my regular playlist, GrodsThink is the official podcast of the crew of orthographic Nazis at the Australian political blog GrodsCorp, and can be downloaded or played from there. (You can also subscribe through iTunes.) Recorded weekly at a pub in Melbourne, GrodsThink dissects recent developments in Australian politics, current affairs and the media, and if you are familiar with any of these topics, you’ll find it hilarious. (If not, it’s all bound to go straight over your head.) I should also warn you that the shows are often peppered with in-jokes regarding the dark netherworld that is the Australian political blogosphere, in which courageous latte-sipping lefties duke it out with mentally unstable cyberstalker types who are constantly trying to obtain and publish the home addresses of those with whom they disagree politically. This one is especially for my Australian readers, who might be interested to learn that a regular voice on GrodsThink is that of none other than An Onymous Lefty‘s Jeremy Sear.

Reasonable Doubts
Featuring a philosophy professor and a psychology professor among its contributors, this counter-apologetics podcast packs a lot of punch. In one of the best episodes, “Bizarro World,” the hosts put William Lane Craig’s Argument from Morality to the sword, and execute a masterful deconstruction of creationism via a “Bizarro” version of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Recent guests include Ed Brayton, Edward Tabash, and the Hitchens brothers.

American Freethought
This topic-based podcast, hosted by the Atlanta Freethought Association’s John C. Snider and David Driscoll, features occasional special guests (including Flock of Dodos writer/director Randy Olson), as well as a regular counter-apologetics segment: “Holey Scripture.” The hosts describe themselves as “friendly” atheists, and are usually less confrontational than some of their counterparts at the Atheist Community of Austin.




8 responses

6 05 2008
John Surname

Thanks for the write up!

GrodsThink is where it’s at.

6 05 2008

Always happy to help! 🙂

7 05 2008
The Editor

Cheers, AV!

7 05 2008
Sean the Blogonaut


Just when I was starting to run out of quality Atheist downloads, you come up with the goods again.

Do you think it possible we could organise an aussie atheism podcast? I have tried doing it myself but talking to my computer for 20 minutes at a time is just …well draining.


7 05 2008

Yeah, I think you need more than one voice to make a listenable podcast. An Australian atheist podcast sounds like a great idea, but given that I am currently based overseas I doubt I’d be able to participate. You should definitely ask around, though (e.g. Oz Atheist, Protium, Bruce, Matt, Jen from Unsane and Safe (she ran for the Senate as a Secular Party candidate last year), Kieran Bennett), and if you need a hand advertising it I’d be only too glad to help.

8 05 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

I will do a little research into how the folks at Another damned podcast do their show – they seem to be able to record 5 voices from all over the states and it runs pretty seemless.

Cheers for the names

9 05 2008

Hey thanks. That was a very kind review. Also, great blog you’ve put together here.

JB from Reasonable Doubts

9 05 2008

Thanks, JB. Your podcast is one of the hidden treasures of the atheosphere (by which I mean I hadn’t discovered it until recently!). Have you considered submitting some of your critiques of Craig to the Iron Chariots Wiki?

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