Brainfarts of the week

11 05 2008

Brainfart #1 comes via Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

Brainfart #2 occurred recently in a thread at Matt’s Notepad:

I said:

Go back to school, Christopher. What you have committed there is a Argument from Ignorance fallacy. If you make a claim that you want others to accept, the onus is on you to substantiate the claim. You’re entitled to believe anything you want, of course. You’re entitled to believe that the moon is made of green cheese and that an invisible pink unicorn resides in your garage, having landed in a spacecraft in your backyard last Thursday. But if you want others to accept your claims, you’re going to have to back them up with supporting evidence.

He replied:

First you prove your “invisible pink unicorn” exists. Then if you have the courage to admit it doesn’t, we will talk more. Until then you and your friends in fantasy excuse land enjoy your weekend.

He cannot be serious.




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