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11 06 2008
  1. Drag a series of dots, lines and other shapes of assorted sizes and colours into the circle on the left, and watch them appear in the kaleidoscope on the right. A great way to kill two minutes.
  2. In this optical illusion, you stare at the dot at the centre of the image for 30 seconds, then move your cursor over the image. The image will appear to be in full colour until you move your eyes. And I’d really appreciate knowing why.
  3. If you enjoy reading the classics on your boss’s time, but don’t want him or her to know about it, why not try Read At Work?
  4. Wikipedia’s List of Unusual Deaths is yet another reason why the aformentioned is the greatest site on the Interwebs.
  5. How to beat PacMan. You never know when this sort of information will come in handy.
  6. Nothing says “geek” like a coffee-table-sized NES controller.
  7. Dei Ex Machina.
  8. Yo Suck At Photoshop: a Photoshop tutorial with class. In Episode 7, Donny walks us through Patch Tool and Levels by attempting to transform a sad, recently-divorced woman into a MILF: “Mom I’d Love to Facebook.”
  9. Hell of Sand. Plant things. Grow things. Blow shit up.
  10. Devil’s Pool is a natural rock pool at the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia where, between September and December, idiots can swim just a few feet away from a 100-metre sheer drop.
  11. I might have posted this one previously: Students for an Orwellian Society.



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11 06 2008

Since you asked: #2 works because staring at the “wrong” colors eventually depletes the color-detecting chemicals for the “wrong” colors in the photo in your retina. (This happens if you stare long enough at anything, or look at something which is bright enough — it’s why you see afterimages.) When the image changes to black and white, only the “right” color detection is available, and the brightness level determines how intensely you see those colors. It’s just an extension of the old optical illusion where a picture (such as a flag) is shown in inverse colors, and you are directed to stare at it and then at a blank page.

11 06 2008

Thanks for the info! 🙂 I always wondered about afterimages–especially why we are able to see them at night with our eyes closed after lights-out.

13 06 2008

Lots of ways to waste your time, must try the pacman walkthrough on my MAME arcade machine. Seen Hell of Sand ages ago wasted ages playing with it. There’s a similar one with stick people which multiply like crazy unless you burn or drown them – heaps of fun.

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