An open letter to Perth Atheists

13 06 2008

I appreciate that Perth Atheists Meetup (a wonderful development, by the way) hasn’t been around for very long, and that your organisation’s website is but an adjunct. But as an atheist from Perth, though not a Perth Atheist, and currently resident in Japan, I must say I’m a little disappointed in the lack of Perth-related atheist and religion-related news content.

WA is the state in which, a few short years ago, the Opposition party ran for election on a platform of increasing the age of consent for homosexual sex from 16 to 18; it is also the state in which, only last year, two of the state’s highest-profile religious leaders came out in support of ID being taught in schools. There is no shortage of religious nuttery there. Even PerthNow has beaten us both to the punch with a story on the positive correlation between atheism and intelligence. And come on, guys: I’m half way around the world, and I can’t be the only one (aside from ex-members, of course) blogging on the Bethel Covenant Community scandal, can I?

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top: it would be great to open up your link and find, in place of a Google News aggregator, some good local material.




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14 06 2008
Sean the Blogonaut


I had dinner with one of the founders of Perth Atheists on Monday night. He’s pretty flat out work wise. I would guess though that some of the other members might be able to take on that role.

14 06 2008

I appreciate your concerns and I do intend on developing the site in the direction you suggest. As Sean said I am extremely busy with my business at the moment as well as alarming health issues which need sorting.

Please email me at protium[at]perthatheists[dot]org. I’d love your further input on the site.

14 06 2008

Thanks for the explanation, Protium, and I hope all is well.

11 07 2008

can I please offer up the opinion that aetheism and homosexuality aren’t necessarily bed-mates.

11 07 2008

Point taken and pun noted, guy.

However, in the case of gay law reform in WA, it was Christian groups (not atheists) such as the Australian Family Association who spearheaded resistance against equality for gays and lesbians. (The AFA, as I recall, took out advertisements in the West Australian to the effect of “TEH GAYS WANT TO SODOMISE YOUR FIFTEEN YEAR OLD SON!!!)

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