Isn’t there a statute of limitations on memes?

28 06 2008

Because this one (via Bruce) has been in circulation for months. Turn to page 123 of the book nearest to you and write out the 5th sentence. Repeat this instruction to any forwardees, should you choose to participate.

The closest book at this point in time is Franz Kafka: The Complete Novels. And here’s p. 123, sentence 5:

But the doorkeeper is bound to his post by his very office, he does not dare strike out into the country, nor apparently may he go into the interior of the Law, even should he wish to.

That’s from the gatekeeper parable that the priest relates to K in the penultimate chapter of The Trial. An extant form of the parable was published as a short story, “Before the Law.” Mikey should appreciate it, given his line of work. 🙂

I’m a little reluctant to forward this meme, given how long it has been floating around, but I tag The Lazy Aussie and Clare.



One response

24 10 2010
kayhan amiri

I am from Iran and I really love this story cause there is something very important that its going to say will remain in question forever
thank you

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