Things they’d have difficulty believing in Salt Lake City XX

29 06 2008

Machine Gun Keyboard‘s take on World Youth Day

The week in fundie . . .

  1. Three years after Campus Crusade for Christ spammed the incoming mail of Australian school principals with the creationist propaganda DVD The Privileged Planet, Focus on the Family is doing the same in New Zealand. But whereas the then Australian Education Minister Brendan Nelson welcomed the prospect of creationism being taught in Australian schools “if that is the wish of parents,” the New Zealand Education ministry maintains “the theory of evolution underpins the science curriculum and schools have a responsibility to teach theories that are subject to accepted scientific scrutiny.” According to the NZ Christian newspaper Weekly Challenge, The Discovery Institute’s Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez (authors of The Privileged Planet) will be conducting a speaking tour of that country in October and November to, as the paper puts it, “strengthen our belief in an intelligent and amazing Designer.” Not that Intelligent Design has anything to do with religion, you understand. (Via Pharyngula)
  2. In Ghana, 34-year-old Yussif Abdullarahman killed one of his wives by hitting her on the head with a blunt object and pouring acid over her body because, as he claimed, “she was a witch.” (Happy 98.9 FM)
  3. In the Indian state of Jharkand, three members of a family were beaten to death with bamboo sticks and iron rods after being accused of practising witchcraft. According to Thaiindian News, “over 700 people, mostly women, have been killed over the past few years in Jharkhand after being branded as witches.”
  4. The Anti-Christ will be a German Jew, according to UK Pentecostalist sect RedSky Ministries. The Star of David, the sect holds, “was originally a symbol for Satan worship and [RedSky] predicts that under the coming German-Jewish Antichrist’s reign all humanity will be forced to accept Star of David tattoos – or die.” (Israel News)
  5. A Moroccan imam has declared that while marriages between Moroccan women and European men are forbidden by the Koran, “a Muslim man may marry Christian and Jewish women.” Marriages with European men are permissible if the husband-to-be converts to Islam just prior to the wedding, which he may do before only two witnesses, but if he subsequently deconverts, “Mohammed’s words apply to him: those who renounce their own religion must be killed, as they are an apostate.” (via Fundies Say the Darndest Things)
  6. A quarter of Ethiopia’s AIDS patients have stopped taking retroviral medication, on the advice of religious leaders who urge them to take “holy water” instead. (Swissinfo, via Fundies Say the Darndest Things)
  7. The UN Human Rights Council has banned discussion of religious questions, after a spokesperson representing the International Humanist and Ethical Union and the Association for World Education, giving a speech in condemnation of the stoning to death of women accused of adultery, and the marriage of girls aged nine in countries where Sharia law applies, was interrupted by at least 16 points of order. (National Secular Society)
  8. Religion as child abuse: a Texas court has ruled that assault and battery and deprivation of liberty, even if the victim is a minor, and even if the victim subsequently attempted suicide and required psychiatric care, is perfectly acceptable if said actions transpire in the context of an exorcism. Taking the side of the church attorneys who claimed that the victim was just “acting out to get attention,” the court wrote that finding the church liable for damages “would have an unconstitutional ‘chilling effect’ by compelling the church to abandon core principles of its religious beliefs.” Ah, the good ol’ USA, where the need to pander to Christian dogma trumps all other ethical considerations . . . where your rights end where their “religious freedom” begins. (Via Pharyngula)



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30 06 2008

Funniest picture ever.

30 06 2008

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a photo of poor ol’ Pier in his travelling party-coffin. 😀

1 07 2008

Tell me about it. Clare at Rantspace informs us that the coffin will remain closed during the WYD festivities.

2 07 2008
Menschenrechtsrat darf nicht über Menschenrechte diskutieren | DER MISANTHROP

[…] hat tip national secular society – Discussion of religious questions now banned at UN Human Rights Council [↩] « Sound the alarm, Oranje Dieser Eintrag wurde von Benjamin B. verfasst, in der Kategorie dept. für internationale angelegenheiten abgelegt und mit folgenden Tags: un-menschenrechtsrat versehen. Die Antworten zu diesem Eintrag kannst du durch den RSS 2.0 Feed verfolgen. Du kannst einen Kommentar schreiben, oder ein Trackback auf deiner Seite einrichten. […]

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