Dispatches from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious

7 07 2008

The badly decomposed body of an American actress was discovered in a Sydney flat in 2006. Here’s how Ninemsn reports on the inquest:

Ms Germain’s dress was lifted above her shoulders and a clothes peg was attached to her genitals.Towels, cushions, a foot spa and a construction hat covered her body, obscuring all but her right arm.

An electrical cord was wrapped around her neck and a toaster had been strung from the shower rail.

A knife and a razor blade were discovered near her body and lipstick was smeared throughout the bathroom and on Ms Germain.

“There did not appear to be any knife-inflicted injuries at the time of post-mortem,” Sgt Beecroft said.

While the circumstances were clearly suspicious, two autopsies had been unable to determine a cause of death, she said. [Emphasis added]

Sgt. Beecroft, I dub thee . . .




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