A more welcoming stance towards gays and lesbians . . . or teh Jesus gets it.

17 07 2008

Via John Morales, in the comments at Pharyngula:

As John remarks, this YouTube may not last, but given the hysterical overreaction to PZ Myer’s post on “Frackin’ Crackers,” I think we can expect a lot more of these.

On the subject of “Al Queerda,” two WYD developments: one encouraging, the other disappointing, if not unexpected.

First, the disappointing. SameSame reports (the item is cached because it appears to have been removed from the website) the experience of one caller to ABC Radio’s 702, who had offered some of the pilgrims a place to stay:

“I’m a Catholic and through our local church we volunteered to host five pilgrims at our house,” said Andrew. “We thought it would be a good way to kind of share our house and [do the right thing]. Anyway we had them come to stay and we put on a big – they’re Kiwis these five people that came – and we put on this big spread for them, seafood, wine everything.”Andrew said that at one point one of the pilgrims said, “I thought we were staying with a couple,” to which Andrew replied “Well you are!” It was then that he introduced them to his partner. “I said, well I’m gay and this is my, you know, boyfriend. And they said, oh we have to leave, that’s against God.”

Not only did the pilgrims leave, they actually went so far as to tell Andrew that he’d burn in hell. “They said, you know, we have to leave and they were going to stay for a week and they got in the cab and left on the first night.”

Just like Jesus would have done.

On a more encouraging note, while queer students were staging a kiss-in in front of pilgrims in Hyde Park, other pilgrims were participating in an unofficial forum on sexuality, convened by Acceptance Sydney, discussing whether there is “a place for gay and lesbian Catholic youth in the church.”

Back to Crackergate. I said the reaction to PZ’s post has been hysterical. It’s more than hysterical. It’s insane. And it’s simply astonishing that a culture that can rise to these heights . . .

. . . can at the same time find a place for the belief, apparently widely held by seemingly-rational individuals, that a disc of unleavened bread can, with the utterance of a few magic words, transform–not metaphorically, not allegorically, not symbolically, but literally transform–into Jesus. Come on, this is Xenu-grade nuttery, folks, and it deserves to be treated as such.




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18 07 2008
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18 07 2008

There is also a kissin at the top of Queen Street mall on Saturaday afternoon – times available on the http://www.notopope.org website.

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