Let’s fighting love!

18 08 2008

Possibly the world’s queerest video game:

It’s a Japanese game called Chou Aniki, which roughly translates as “Super Big Brothers,” released in the early nineties for various platforms including the SNES. As the Wikipedia entry notes, the game is replete with wacky humour, surrealist imagery, and blatant homoeroticism.

Via Digg. See also: Sexual Moments in Video Game History.




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18 08 2008

Or if you want the flip side, rampant homophobia, there was the version of Vendatta that was distributed throughout ASIA. It even made it to Timezone in Hindley Street of Adelaide. A real WTF moment for me and a mate back in 1993.

18 08 2008
Video Game Nightmares « The Thinkers’ Podium

[…] course, some of it was quite bad. AV has posted about a game which I never saw, a Japanese one which is overtly homoerotic. Nothing bad about that per se, although the game […]

19 08 2008

Oh my goodness!

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