Conservatives on Palin

4 09 2008

Some conservative commenters don’t seem all that comfortable with McCain’s eleventh-hour VP pick:




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5 09 2008

speaking of Palin, have you seen this letter from someone who knows her?

6 09 2008
William Wallace

Forget Governor Sarah Palin. I don’t think conservatives are happy with Senator McCain. Indeed, Congressman Ron Paul had a competing rally in Minneapolis target center during the convention, and though he drew a large crowd, it was pretty much ignored by the mainstream media. Indeed, Ron Paul drew more of a crowd than many of the speakers at the real RNC.

McCain seems to have not yet learned that Republicans would be better off sticking their hands in wood chippers than reaching across the isle. Democrats don’t care about working with Republicans. They care about victory.

And the further left democrats go, the further left elected republican officials seem to go. (Their defense: At least we’re not as left wing as the Democrats).

But, even the conservative Ann Coulter argued that if the election came down to Hillary v. McCain, Coulter would campaign for Hillary, who is right of McCain.

I don’t know enough about Sarah Palin’s political views, but on a personal level, I do think she should take the advice of Dr. Dobson, and “focus on the family”. She has an unwed teenage daughter who will be giving birth soon, and who needs some final touches, attention and instruction on becoming a responsible woman and mother.

Sarah Palin also has a child with down syndrome, who is clearly getting lots of love now, but, should a miracle happen, Obama blow the election, and McCain get elected, the Sarah Palin’s infant will suffer–unless McCain lets Palin coo over the child during meetings.

Since most polls are among “likely voters”, Obama will win the election if the opinion polls show a close race. The same thing happened when Jesse Ventura won an upset election by attracting a significant number of unlikely voters in Minnesota.

A benefit of this is real conservatives who recognize it can vote their conscience, instead of the lesser of two evils. Should be a banner year for the Constitution party and the Libertarian party. And this should get the republican party back on track.

Obama could be a blessing in disguise, and do for this country what Jimmy Carter did–that is–it took Jimmy Carter to get us away from the Rockefeller libturd republicans, and bring us a real conservative, the great Ronald Reagan.

7 09 2008

A lot of assumptions nested in that commentary, WW.

9 09 2008

AV, please note and follow the link from my name on this comment.

10 09 2008

(Neil, I’m sorry to hear about that.)

21 10 2008

I pray for Sarah.
LOVE DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE, PEOPLE DO. Palins IGNORANCE of GAYS is UNACCEPTABLE for a SO-CALLED LEADER. If it were up to some people, WOMEN wouldn’t be able to vote or buy property! Blacks would sit at the back of a bus!

The GAY RIGHTS movement, is like the womens right and african american rights movement — to serve the purpose of EDUCATING the IGNORANT and INTOLERANT. Those women and men were this countries true REFORMERS!! REAL MAVERICKS!! Palin is a Fraud. Being gay is just being ‘different’ being tall, asian, dark, blonde, whatever. Palin demonstrates that she is A WORLD CLASS ASS not EQUIPPED to BE anything more than a WEATHER GIRL … McCain loses my VOTE.(there’s no longer space in our world for such blatant disregard and ignorance of others. ::((

Still UNDECIDED? The answer is not in the mind. Each candidate has a plan. But Man plans and God laughs. Being on the ball field is going to be very different than watching it from the bleachers. Solution? Close your eyes and ask yourself, which direction do you want the country to go: Forward check(Obama). Backwards? Check (McCain/Palin). There, that was simple. America Votes.

21 10 2008
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