Sorry . . . our bad.

12 09 2008

Atheists caused 9/11.

That’s David Mabus’ contribution to the Richard Dawkins Facebook discussion board. He’s a net.kook from Canada who, according to Skippy the Skeptic, believes that Nostradamus “predicted the coming of Depeche Mode and, through this, the World Trade Center attacks.” He’s mad as hell at the James Randi Educational Foundation for not forking over $1 million dollars, and he spends his days trawling the interwebs telling all and sundry about it.


He is as unresponsive to criticism any garden variety crank, and as a consequence any comment he leaves here will be promptly disemvowelled.

Still, aside from having a mouth one hopes he doesn’t kiss his mother with, he’s probably harmless. Unlike the cowardly Squadristi member who recently shut down operations at two of Neil’s blogs. Why anyone would want to do this to one of the more thoughtful members of the Australian blogosphere, and someone who certainly doesn’t actively go looking for trouble, is beyond me. High RWAs . . . fuck them.



7 responses

12 09 2008
Reed Braden

David Mabus is incredibly annoying. Does he possibly have some sort of mental condition?

12 09 2008

Possibly. But we should keep laughing at him until we know for sure.

13 09 2008
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13 09 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

Hey I’ve been visited by Mabus is that like a right of passage or more like catching the clap?

14 09 2008

I feel left out, I never get any kooks on my site 😦

13 11 2008
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