Attn: Atheists. You believe what my dictionary says you believe.

16 09 2008

Somebody school this individual . . . please!




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16 09 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

I think that individual is beyond schooling. I applaud your attempts though. It’s like arguing with my relatives who think they know about aboriginals and what they want because they have visited a community.

16 09 2008

I wonder if he thinks a dictionary is an appropriate substitute for a biology or mathematics textbook, given that there are entries for “biology” and “mathematics” in the dictionary?

I encountered the appeal-to-the-dictionary card years ago in a long debate on a Tolkien discussion forum on same-sex marriage. That particular strategy was defeated when I showed my interlocutor a dictionary definition of marriage that was inclusive of same-sex unions.

16 09 2008
The Nerd

I have to agree with Sean the Blogonaut. After reading that guy’s comment, he clearly is scraping the bottom of the barrel in desperation if he’s using a dictionary as his authoritative position on philosophy and theology. He simply is not “all there”.

16 09 2008

I think he is likely to be “all there.” His obstinate refusal to pay attention why Sean, Oz and myself have difficulties with the pre-packaged definition of atheism he prefers, despite patient attempts to show him why the dictionary definition he prefers is inadequate, probably bespeaks a prejudice towards atheists.

Given that the exchange at Oz’s is heading nowhere fast, I am beginning to ask myself at what point it ceases being the responsibility of the target of bigotry to educate the bigot?

17 09 2008
Will Entrekin

My favorite aspect is the number of people who accept dictionaries as as rote as scripture without realizing that they’re merely holding the latest/most recent edition in their hands.

17 09 2008
New Homes, Communities

I will call upon the Lord — who is worthy to be praised!

Jesus heals AIDS, cancer and all illnesses; but, you must serve Him to receive.

17 09 2008

Spamming for Jesus, New Homes?

There’s a topic to this thread, if you actually care to read it, and stop arrogantly presuming that your personal religious message is the only matter worth discussing. Why don’t you at least pretend that you’re part of a society and that other sentient beings than yourself exist, and try actual interpersonal conversation, for a change?

I’m sure it’s what Jesus would do. 😉

17 09 2008

why is your header a pack of zombies eating Jesus? That’s disturbing.

17 09 2008

You want to know what’s really disturbing? There is an entire denomination of Christians who believe that they are literally eating the flesh and blood of Jesus when they take Communion at Mass each week. Some of them believe this so fervently that if you mock this ridiculous belief, they issue death threats or try to have you fired or expelled.

Most of the rest of the Christian community also believes that Jesus literally rose from the grave, which is a trait generally associated with zombies. The Nicence Creed speaks of “the resurrection of the dead” in the end-times. Also, the Bible tells that when Jesus died, there was an earthquake, “And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many” (Matthew 27: 52-53).

The header picture I have chosen brilliantly parodies this nonsense.

But before you go any further, I’m a topic-Nazi, and I have a policy against off-topic comments. So if you want to comment on the layout of this blog, please do so on the “About Me” page, not on this thread.

18 09 2008
New Homes, Communities

Not spamming, just sharing the good news! I thought people encouraged comments on their blogs? If I am mistaken, then please forgive my ignorance. I don’t want anyone’s business or money. I am simply sharing the good news.

Jesus said “Wilt thou be made whole” (John 5:6).

God Bless You!

18 09 2008

Well, for one thing, there is a difference between “sharing the good news,” and explaining why it is good news.

Second, I don’t discourage comments on my blog. I simply ask that the comments be on-topic, and that if you have an off-topic comment, you make it in the appropriate place, such as the “About” page.

Third, I cannot help but observe that this “sharing the good news” of yours seems to consist of nothing but spouting verses which you seem to assume that other people will accept and swallow unquestioningly, like Pavlovian morons.

Is this really how a Christian sees the rest of the human race? Tell me about on the “About” page.

22 09 2008
Word Spy « Five Public Opinions

[…] . . . this one tracks the newest additions to the English language and thereby, contra certain logofetishists I could mention, demonstrates that language is a changing, evolving […]

28 09 2008
Theological innatism is one of the main reasons why many theists find atheists abhorrent « The Thinkers’ Podium

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