Quick update on “Muslim Massacre”

16 09 2008

It appears to have been a Poe that misfired after all. Sigvatr has taken the game and its host website down, issuing an apology in the process. (Unnecessary in my view—the taking down of the game, not necessarily the apology—but there it is.) An irony-deficient Australian neo-Nazi [update: make that two] promptly made the game available at his website. Read all about it at Slackbastard.




2 responses

17 09 2008

A minor correction. Two irony-deficient Australian neo-Nazis promptly made the game available at their websites: Martin Fletcher (Australian Protectionist Party) and Colin Campbell III (Creativity Movement).

18 12 2008
fRed fLintstone

Ooooh, you are in breach of Australian trademark law. The not-so-very Reverend Paddy might be coming after you. Paddy registered creativity movement as his very own personal trademark and swars he’s a gonna take out Colin Campbell III.

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