Dogma makes you kill people

17 09 2008

From the “No, I’m not making this up” category . . .

Russian Satanists slew and ate four Goth teenagers whom they had lured to a cottage and plied with alcohol. The Australian reports:

The teens – a youth and three girls aged 16 or 17- had their gentitals mutilated and were cooked on a bonfire before being eaten [. . . .] Police found body parts dumped in a pit beside an upside-down cross, a symbol of Satanic worship, in a rural area of Russia.

The victims had each been stabbed 666 times.

The killings were part of an initiation ceremony, in the process of which the victims’ blood was poured over the body of a near-naked 18-year old novice. According to NineMSN:

Eight worshippers have been arrested over the murders, but have since claimed Satan would help them “avoid responsibility”.

“I made lots of sacrifices to him,” one member of the gang was quoted by the Mail as saying.

Another member claimed he turned to Satan after his prayers to God were not answered.

“It didn’t bring me any money … I prayed to Satan, and things improved,” he said.

That’s if you consider a certain prison sentence—and I’m sure the Russian prison system must be just lovely—an “improvement.” In what has to be the understatement of the week, former teachers describe the cult members as being of “low intelligence.”




3 responses

17 09 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

I would be thinking that not too much would be left after 666 stab wounds.

17 09 2008

my dogma will kill your dogma .. dammmit.. desperately trying to theoretically develop a bigger dog ,.. hr-w

17 09 2008

It’s pretty sick. If it had been suggested as a plot-line for a novel, it would have been rejected as too far “out there”, yet here we have people who actually went out and did it. I wonder how other Goths and Satanists feel about this kind of behaviour. I’m sure it’s not the norm, otherwise stories like this would in the news every other day.

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