Dogma makes you believe stupid things

18 09 2008

. . . such as the existence of a “Divine Force Law” and that the Earth has “stretch marks.” Via the comments at Pharyngula, here’s some vintage pwnage of Liar for Jesus Charles W. Lucas, Jr, of the creationist organisation Common Sense Science. That organisation’s goal, apparently, is to “correct what they perceived as deficiencies in modern physics [. . .],” hoping to “bring ‘common sense’ back to the field” by rejecting quantum physics and building on “the older classical work that had largely been abandoned” at the beginning of the 20th century. What does “common sense science” look like, you’re wondering? This:

Lucas claims that the Earth radiates energy and so loses mass and gravity, while at the same time expanding. So, Lucas claims that the Earth loses energy and so loses mass. This is a prediction his “Divine Force” makes and he made several statements to back it up. One of them that was people in Biblical times lived so long because the intense gravity of the Earth kept more oxygen close to the surface, and said that the gravity now when a maximum life expectancy is 100 years is 1/9th that of in Biblical times when ages of 900 years are reported in the Bible. He also used this very bad geology: [. . .] Lucas’ view is that the Earth started out only as large as land surface would allow, and has been expanding ever since, causing all of the continents to break apart and all move away from each other, causing these cracks, stretch marks, in the surface.

As you can see at Defending Science, Scientists and Non-scientists, Lucas actually used the term “stretch marks” superimposed over a map of Europe and Africa on one of his slides; the image in question, he claimed, is “top secret so the Navy can hide subs in the rock formations of these ‘stretch marks.'” He also claimed that the same phenomenon is occurring on the Moon (which he claims has “continents”) and other bodies in the Solar System.

In attendance at the conference at which Lucas presented these ideas was the author of the aformentioned Defending Science blog. As Silkworm tells it, he put the first question to Lucas, and then proceeded to blind hm with science. Silkworm also exposed Lucas as a credential-padding fraud, after email correspondence revealed that Lucas’ claim to have spoken before the American Association for the Advancement of Science was patently false. It never happened. There’s a commandment against lying, right? Why do fundamentalist Christians tell lies?




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