God put the rocks there to test your faith

26 09 2008

Rocks estimated to be 4.28 billion years old have been discovered in Quebec.

The find pushes back the age of the most ancient discovered remnants of the Earth’s crust by 300 million years.

“Our discovery opens the door to further unlock the secrets of the Earth’s beginnings,” lead author of the study Jonathan O’Neil said,

Mr O’Neil, a geologist at McGill University in Montreal, collected and analysed the rocks.

“Geologists now have a new playground to explore how and when life began, what the atmosphere may have looked like, and when the first continent formed,” he said.

Co-author of the study, Richard Carlson, says the rocks also suggest that continents formed very early in the Earth’s history. (ABC News Online)

All using atheist dating methods, of course. God just made it look like the rocks were that old to fool the atheists and to test the faithful. The fool says in his heart that there is no God.

(Plus Quebec’s French, and the French are traitors. They invented atheism, don’t you know. They also invented cheese and surrender.)




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