Thinking Out Loud

6 10 2008

I wanted to pop in from my work-induced blogging hiatus to plug a podcast upon which I have just binged . . . only to find that it, too, is on work-induced hiatus.

Thinking Out Loud is the podcast of Citizen Philosopher, a philosophy discussion group based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the past three years or so (and yes, I’ve now listened to all three years’ worth), discussions have canvassed a broad range of topics, from free will to responsibility to the ethics of friendship. Moderator Steve Donaldson does his best to maintain a cordial panel discussion format with a minimum of cross-examination and formal debate—an approach I personally prefer though some may find the end result a little dull. Touches of woo and the occasional numerologist aside, participants generally make thoughtful contributions.

Unfortunately, the podcast has been into cryo-freeze at least until next year. But there are still about 30-odd shows available on iTunes if you’re interested.




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