The worst debate you will ever hear

16 10 2008

In one corner: talk radio host Jan Mickelson, a homophobe, creationist and complete ignoramus. In the other corner: Iowa State University professor of religious studies Hector Avalos, who seems—whatever his qualities as a Biblical scholar—seems incapable of debating his way out of a paper bag. Here’s the link if you want to hear Mickelson argue from assertion, appeal to the Bible, and regale you with his contempt for homosexuality (not to mention “atheist Darwinists”) and conspiracy theories about teh gay agenda; Avalos mount an argument that goes all over the shop; and both spend an hour and a half talking past each other. All to the strains of a college Republican/college fundie cheer squad. My advice to you is: don’t waste your time. (And keypad indentations on the forehead are unsightly.)




2 responses

17 10 2008
Zack Ford

Unfortunately, I sat through this entire debate in person. It was extremely challenging to sit in a room as a gay man and listen to other people laugh at gay men dying of AIDS. I have to give some credit to the Atheists and Agnostics Society at Iowa State for organizing this event; unfortunately, it only demonstrated how rampant and unforgiving Christian privilege is in our society. You can hear my attempt to penetrate Mickelson’s propaganda at 1:36:19 and his incoherent, greedy response.

17 10 2008

I heard his response, and was it ever incoherent! You asked him how the legalisation of gay marriage would have a negative impact on him, and he comes back with the “I don’t want my taxes supporting your lifestyle” gambit. Cue the world’s smallest violin for Mr Mickelson. I’m sure there’s many a Klansman who objects to interracial marriage on the same grounds.

(Oh, but that’s different, you see: we should pander to Mickelson’s prejudice because Mickelson haz teh Jeebus.)

It was extremely challenging to sit in a room as a gay man and listen to other people laugh at gay men dying of AIDS.

What can I say? Loving Christians.

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