Funny joke I heard today . . .

21 10 2008

ABC suspends top presenter” (Sydney Morning Herald).

Even funnier:


According to The Australian, Stephen Crittenden is facing dismissal. blogger Evan Moloney writes:

The death of religion at the ABC. Is that really such a bad thing? I understand that if you’re the ABC’s religion reporter it might appear to be less than helpful (it’s hard to be a nanny when the kids have all grown up), but does anyone else really mind?

Not really the point, is it? I’ve found the theist Crittenden to be a tad parochial at times, but censorship is censorship, and I hope his union and his colleagues back him to the hilt.




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21 10 2008

It is censorship. It’s not like his reporting of the axing violated journalistic ethics, is it? A bit whiny, but that’s beside the point, as you state.

And as for this “not talk to the media about it” nonsense management are pushing, what’s that about? The ABC is a public media outlet, we have a right to ask questions of the conduct of management and expect answers!

I wonder if one could file a FOI for Crittenden’s opinion about his suspension? 😉

21 10 2008
The Religion Report’s Stephen Crittenden suspended by the ABC « The Thinkers’ Podium

[…] ABC management, under its ex ALP head-staffer (for Virginia Chadwick under the NSW Greiner Govt.*) Managing Director, Mark Scott, has suspended Stephen Crittenden for comments he made on the axing of The Religion Report. It seems that it has instructed him not to talk to the media about it (if the SMH is to be believed – HT to AV.) […]

21 10 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

I wish it had been The Spirit of things, much prefered Crittenden to Kohn.

22 10 2008

Maybe they can give ‘Hymns of Praise’ the chop next. Talk about your outdated program formats, especially when it’s compared to the shows shown immediately before it.

23 10 2008

The fill in for Crittenden was a cracker. A special on “blasphemy” for he who has taken the lord our Aunty in vain.

23 10 2008

The fill in for Crittenden was a cracker. A special on “blasphemy” for he who has taken the lord our Aunty in vain.

I can’t believe I overlooked that irony! And I checked the website and saw it was on blasphemy!

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