The Bill Muehlenberg Trophy: Muehlenberg (and his monkeys) on Obama

11 11 2008

Never let it be said that fundies are given to shrieking hysterics . . .

At a time of great financial crisis a nation turns to charismatic, eloquent unkown who preaches a better future for them as a country. USA 2008….Germany 1933….
Stephen White

[. . .]

Thanks Stephen

I know my critics think I am far too cynical and over the top already, but I can’t help but thinking that you are clearly on to something here with your interesting observation.

Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

HT: Memeplex

More from Bill:

Just how long before he introduces a whole raft of legislation seeking to grant special rights to homosexuals, including the right to marry?

Wait a second, Bill. Non-homosexuals already have the right to marry, so how is granting homosexuals the right to marry tantamount to granting them special rights?

You might as well be complaining about the time when legislation was introduced seeking to grant special rights to women, including the right to vote.

You see, Bill? You see how you’re not making any sense whatsoever? You see how you’ve just made yourself look like a complete idiot?

You don’t see, do you? Here’s a tip: look up “special” in the dictionary. (No, not the Christian Student Dictionary. I mean a real dictionary.)

Fundamentalism. It’s not even about the lack of critical thinking anymore. It’s about the lack of functional English.




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12 11 2008


I’ve often said that people have a right to free speech, but not an obligation to listen, especially to sophistry, fallacy and canard.

A function of this notion, is that everyone can think what they want, but that their ideas aren’t necessarily worth anything beyond their own ego. Muehlenberg’s incompetence (his paranoid wish-thinking in this case aside) demonstrates this.

He’s free to blabber on and he’s entitled to his ideas, but they aren’t worth a damn thing and nobody has to take them seriously. The only thing about Muehlenberg that you can take seriously, is the cult-mind that surrounds him and the consequences it may have upon public debate.

All the same, I think Australian society has the carrying capacity for this kind of idiocy; he can blab, his fans can mimic and we can counter.

12 11 2008
John Morales

Um, these would be the same fundies that said Obama is a Socialist now comparing him to Hitler, whose views on socialism and homosexuality are on record?

The mind boggles.

12 11 2008

The mind boggles.

In Makeshitupistan, anything is possible.

12 11 2008
Bill, that’s not fascism, this is fascism « The Thinkers’ Podium

[…] that’s not fascism, this is fascism Posted on November 12, 2008 by Bruce Hat tip to AV and Sammy on this […]

12 11 2008
Sammy Jankis

As far as I can tell Bill’s ban on contrary opinions at his site is still in effect for atheists, but what’s interesting is that in recent weeks some more liberal minded Christians have found their comments surviving Bill’s comprehensive screening process. Of course, arrogant assertions such as ‘the earth is billions of years old’ or ‘you can be a Christian and believe in evolution too’ are quickly branded as apostasy and such contributors are treated to the same unhinged rhetoric any atheist would receive.

CultureWatch: Perhaps the richest source of tard on the interwebs?

12 11 2008

As far as I can tell Bill’s ban on contrary opinions at his site is still in effect for atheists

In fairness, I did see an atheist commenter in the Obama thread, though I don’t visit Culture Watch often enough to know whether that is an anomaly. Said atheist was, of course, treated to an ad hominem attack at the hands of loving Christian Bill, because he made a reference to Fox News:

BTW, I wish I had cable or satellite as well (why is it you lefties seem to have all the money? You rich capitalist pigs you!).

[. . .]

So when you gonna invite me to your wealthy pad to catch up on the latest conservative offerings on Fox TV?

[. . .]

And hey, your humble pad at least has the means to watch Fox, which is more than my humble pad has.

Classic RWA irrationalism.

13 11 2008

… the lack of functional English.
more like the lack of a functioning brain

13 11 2008
Sammy Jankis

In fairness, I did see an atheist commenter in the Obama thread, though I don’t visit Culture Watch often enough to know whether that is an anomaly.

It’s true that atheist comments do turn up on occassion, but from my own experience it seems for every comment that survives there may be two or three that don’t. It may as well be a real ban as he only permits the comments of his ideological opposites in order to strawman them (and then boast about how easy it is for him to “counter” their arguments). I’ve weened myself off commenting there (it’s an itch that’s difficult to stop scratching) but I still find it to be a great source of tard when I’m looking for something to blog about.

14 11 2008

Sammy Jenkins wrote “CultureWatch: Perhaps the richest source of tard on the interwebs?”

I beg to differ sir. Ever heard of a site called Rapture ready?

Ah the yanks still demolish us for sheer fundie lunacy.

14 11 2008
John Morales

Chris, lunacy on teh intartubes is generally held to be measured in relation to Time Cube.

Those sites are, at best, a few deci-TimeCubes.

30 11 2008

Of course, Bill’s great at getting things wrong!

Woof woof!

30 11 2008
30 11 2008

Or just read it yourself…

Just search for ‘labradors’ in that document.


30 11 2008

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