Over at OzAtheist, yet another apologist is telling me how in the absence of God-belief I have no basis for morality

13 11 2008

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, two men soaked in God-belief sprayed acid on two schoolgirls.


And in Somalia, 50 men soaked in God-belief buried a 13-year-old girl up to her neck and threw rocks at her head until she was dead. This occurred in a stadium in front of about 1000 god-soaked spectators. Her crime? She had been gang-raped by three men while traveling on foot to see her grandmother, and attempted to report the incident to the local authorities . . . the local authorities being the Islamist al-Shabab militia. They promptly accused her of adultery, and she was sentenced to death in a Sharia court.]

Link to the OzAtheist post, if you’re interested.



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16 11 2008
Sean the Blogonaut

Man that was painfull reading – over at OZ’s

25 11 2008

This was extreme Islam – not Churchianity, Buddhism, Zarathustrianism etc.

Godless communism has done plenty of atrocities in its attempt to create Utopia (heaven on earth). But that, seemingly, is justified if you’re an atheist.


26 11 2008

This was extreme Islam

And would not have transpired, I would wager, were it not for the notion—found in many religious traditions, Christianity not the least—that dogma trumps thinking and reasoning, particularly when it comes to ethical reasoning.

But that, seemingly, is justified if you’re an atheist.

Please indicate where on this blog I have advocated either of the following:

(i) communism
(ii) atrocities committed in the name of communism
(iii) the notion that atheism is somehow a “justification” for said atrocities.

Atheism is simply the lack of belief in a god or gods. It neither requires nor presupposes communism, fascism, neo-conservatism, Hayekian libertarianism, or any other political philosophy you care to name. That’s why you’ll find among the ranks of your so-called “communist” atheists such fervent anti-communists as Ayn Rand. It’s why you’ll find atheists such as the skeptical Biblical scholar Bob Price who openly profess their support for the Republican Party rather than the Democrats.

It’s why—as I’ve pointed out to you before—there is even an atheistic movement within the Conservative Party in the UK.

You need to come to terms with this, novparl. You are so wrong about your oft-repeated atheists=communists canard that you are embarrassing yourself.

26 11 2008
26 11 2008

Good call AV.

27 12 2008

Null? I won’t make the obvious comment.

I don’t often remark that communism=atheism. But I intend to more often.

I’m not bovvered whether you’ve defended communism or not. You once called me a Troll for Jesus. You didn’t ask if I’m a Christian. I’m not. There are other religions which have creation myths. I myself believe in the cosmic egg.

For a fanatically politikally korrekt bloke, you’re not very multikulterell are you? There are other religions in Oz & UK than Christianity.

Hope you enjoyed Xmas. Not being Christian, I ignored it.

27.12.08 midday

28 12 2008

None of which we haven’t heard from you before, Novparl. How about contributing something to discussion that actually leads somewhere?

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