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2 02 2009

I’m yet to finish contemplating if I’m going to go back to top off my B. Sc. by finishing my BEd, or by doing something else. PD like this I think it unacceptable, as is the lack of open criticism by a whopping great swath of teaching profession.

This kind of thing is a major disinsentive. As are a number of other similar matters of pedagogical neglect, and I find it difficult not to stand up and say something when I see it – to the extent that it can’t help but disrupt my teaching.

Psychologically innept motivational unit plans, bungled IT PD, infallible misinterpretations of the behaviour of lower socio-economic background students and incompetant science teaching (esp. in primary school) are just a few of the things that really tick me off. That and the bad faith that often accompanies them.

2 02 2009

And speaking of “incompetAnt”, I only noticed that after I hit submit. Grrrr…

2 02 2009

I’m a teacher and what is outlined above instantly screams “inappropriate” and also “idiotic”.

A child misbehaves in some manner and ends up getting a huge hug from the authority figure. What the heck do you think that is teaching the child?

3 02 2009
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3 02 2009

Oh. My. Gawd.

All *other* issues aside… Pretend for a moment I’m a male teacher. Jenny, the six-year-old, is acting up in class. I cuddle her (in the foetal position) position on my lap and ask her… “Jenny, is your love bottle empty? Let me fill it up for you.”

That’s jail time waiting to happen, right there…

3 02 2009

There can be sound reasons for adopting a softer approach with certain misbehaving children, depending on the circumstances that have contributed to the behavioural problem.

The problem with Brain Gym is that it offers no sound reasons whatsoever.

4 02 2009
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“Where Whole-Brain Solutions Are Reality” and atrocious grammar abounds.

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