A loving Christian writes . . .

12 02 2009

wow the fact that no one is afraid of a man that has not only been predicted to destroy the world more than once, and a beast of a man with power over the entire universe and rowlings, Harry Potter, idea of power, you morons are truly stupid. i do not suggest that witchcraft is real to anyone that is sane, but if you are fucked in the head, when a man presents himself as a god, with power he uses to control the universe and all in it, God himself will leave and you morons who do not think you can be touched will see the most terrifying things you have ever heard, no movie or book other than Revelation can cause me to be a little afraid. And the fact of the matter is, that the antichrist will be killed, revived, and when he is revived he will think he has become God himself and he will have all of Satans power without the need of anything else. if i were you guys stating that you know that athiesm and worshiping nothing besides selfish bullshit is truth, be very hesitant to what you say about Christ not being real. or you are screwed, and not even a pastor, or God can save you. i am not stupid enough to claim that obama is the evil one on the internet, but i do think he is a part of it, for good or bad. and if he gets killed by a dumbass, the entire world will attack us when the successor takes his power and screws up the economy, now the worlds basis of an economy. but there will be proof of the man before the rapture of the saints, so the ones of you that are calling the churchgoers crazy will see terrifying monsters and be forced to worship them unless you take charge of your stupidity and accept that there is a God and many things in this universe that nothing but spiritual realms can truly explain. so all i am saying is be careful with what you say against Christianity. and to a Christian, be careful what you predict.. it may, or may not come true

You have been warned, atheists. You’d better drop to your knees and start believing in Christianity, or Braden will sick his “terrifying monsters” on you.




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12 02 2009

I actually have no idea what he said. The incoherent sentences, mixed with incredibly poor grammar and the utter absence of paragraphs made it look like one huge slab of idiocy.

12 02 2009
Sammy Jankis

I used one of those free online translators to translate it into Arabic and then back into English. It seems to have cleared things up a bit:

Success the brilliant truth that no one is man fears from to receives not so according to is [tnbb’at] to the scientist destroys more than once, and the animal from man with strength on complete universe and [[rwwlynGs]], [barn] potter, idea of the forces, you is foolish foolish truth. I does not propose that real magic to any person that is sound, nevertheless indeed you is [[fwk]] in the head, when [yqddmbnfsy] man as god, with strength of he uses to the universe controls and as to in he, god myself will leave and you is foolish who you do not think daughter-in-law touch of walk of the things can horrible most you receives in any time listening, what from film or book other than revelation can cursed me that is some fears. The truth from the matter, that the [[‘antykryst]] daughter-in-law will kill, exhilarates, and when he exhilarates he will think he receives god becomes myself and he will receive all from [[stns]] strength without the need from [[‘anthynG] [ls]]. Indeed I were you tensioners state that you introduce that [[‘athysm]] and [[wwrshybynG]] [laashy’] favor about [[bwllshyt]] selfish truth, very [mtrdddt] to what you says around stripy [in] real. Or you screwed, followed pastor be equal, or god can you rescued. I not foolish enough to calls that [[‘abmaa]] [aalshrryrt] one on the Internet, nevertheless part from he thinks I he, [ljyydt] or sin. Indeed he collects kills in [[dwmbss]], will attack us the scientist is complete when the back takes him him strength and screws above the economy, now the scientists basis from economy Will nevertheless be there proof from the man before the [[rbtthr]] from the saints, this way sharp from you that is calls the [[shrshGr]] crazy will sees [hwlaat] horrible and is forces to worships them except you takes your stuffing from stupidity and accepts that there god and many things in coke raved that [laashy’] nevertheless spiritual domain of kingdom can truth so walked. This way all I is eager identicals with what you says against Christian. Otherwise Christian, eager what you predicts. He be possible, or be possible does not come be true

12 02 2009

Is the title meant to be sarcastic or do you actually think that post sounds loving?

12 02 2009

What interests me, pastelmoon, is whether Braden thinks his post sounds loving.

12 02 2009

This all sounds as if it was written by someone who suffers from incurable religious brain rot.

12 02 2009

glad to know I’m not the only one that gets ranting, raving, illiterate, religious nutjobs visiting their site.

12 02 2009

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23 07 2014

I think he said Obama will die and Joe Biden will rule the world and the rest of the world will take some sort of issue with that … amiright or amiright? 😛

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